Company Profile

Jinglong Optoelectronics 

We are a high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of LCM LCD modules. The main selling TN, STN, TFT black and white LCD display modules, and AMOLED self luminous display modules.

Corporate culture 

Company philosophy: quality first, customer first
Corporate Values: Social Responsibility
For customers, we seek to satisfy customers. Customers are not God, but our relatives. Enterprises are not only tools to make money, but also important carriers to promote the progress of human society. Emphasize that both individuals and enterprises should have ambitious goals; Emphasize the consistency between personal goals and enterprise development goals, and the consistency between enterprise goals and social development goals. For enterprise value, we pursue dedication. The value of Tongbao is not only to provide a development stage for employees, but also to provide customers with satisfactory services.

Enterprise spirit: pioneering and enterprising, never satisfied
As for the enterprise goal, we pursue excellence, and the road ahead is doomed to be bumpy. But as for the first-class marketing enterprise goal with the most cultural taste, we are unswerving. Jinglong is ambitious, positive, full of passion, and never slackens. With leading technology and innovative methods, we will continue to strive for a higher level. The career is endless. Jinglong is not satisfied with its pursuit of career and the goal of enterprise development. Jinglong advocates contentment in life and learning to feel the value and significance of life from work.

Enterprise belief: integrity, pragmatism, innovation and development
Honesty is the basic quality of Jinglong, and it is the foundation for Jinglong to deal with people. Pragmatism is Jinglong's working attitude, which requires Jinglong people to face up to and solve problems. Innovation is Jinglong's method and means. Jinglong people should take ability and wisdom as support, establish an open concept, master advanced methods and keep pace with the times. Development is the result of Jinglong's pursuit. Jinglong should realize the harmonious development of employees, enterprises and society, and the common development of enterprises, organizations and people. This is the most basic principle of Jinglong's operation. Every job of every Jinglong person is to create and serve the market. Jinglong is committed to becoming the pioneer and promoter of the industry by virtue of its organization and ability to meet the market characteristics and quickly respond to market needs.

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